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STIMEX® WATERPROOF SPRAY is an extra concentrated textile coating. STIMEX® WATERPROOF SPRAY consequently is suitable for all types of cloths and many applications. Due to its special composition STIMEX® WATERPROOF SPRAY is permanently elastic, breathing and can also be applied to moist fabric.

Directions for use: Thoroughly clean the material to be impregnated. The parts to be treated should always be sprayed thinly ad evenly, from seam to seam. Sufficient to cover 5-7m2. Spraying distance about 30-35 cm. If necessary, repeat after 30 minutes. Do not apply to PVC windows and rubber objects. For treatment of larger surfaces, use liquid STIMEX® WATERPROOF SPRAY, Available in 500 ml. flasks.

Covers approximately 5-7 m²

Contains: 500 ML

EAN 8713294000022

STIMEX® Special Products are available at most camping and outdoor stores.